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Cowley College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.
For more information, email Cowley College at accreditation@cowley.edu.


Cowley College Online invites students living outside of the United States to take online courses and earn Cowley certificates and degrees. There are currently Cowley College Online students residing all over the world, representing a large number of countries. Go to the International module for more information.

Language Proficiency

All Cowley College Online courses, including course instructions, are conducted in English; a proficiency in English is required for all students. If you wish to apply to Cowley but your native language is not English, you must complete the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam and score at least a 500 on the paper version, a 173 on the computer version, or a 61 on the online version. Learn more about the TOEFL exam. Scores from TOEFL exams taken within the last two years will be accepted.

Technology Requirements

Each course may have specific technology requirements, which are listed on the Class Schedules. You should have an active Cowley e-mail account and reliable connection to the Internet for successful completion of online courses.

Applying and Enrolling in Cowley College Online

Go to Academic Advising & Enrollment for instructions on how to apply and enroll online.

Yes. Go to Academic Advising & Enrollment for instructions on how to apply and enroll.

Go to Class Schedules portal for links to Online Classes sorted by Semesters or go to Class Schedules and click on a semester. Find the drop down menu under “By Distance Learning Mode” Select “Online”.

Financial Aid

Yes, qualified students can apply for financial aid just like you would for a traditional class. Go to Financial Aid for further instructions.

Question about Cowley College Online

Contact your instructor first. Then, if he/she can’t help you, contact the Cowley Help Desk for any technical problems you may have.

Each online course is different and some instructors may have you go to a convenient location to take some tests. See your course syllabus or contact your instructor for information about testing requirements.

Cowley College Online classes are not self-paced. You will need to be diligent in meeting scheduled dates for projects and assessments that must be completed during specific time periods throughout the semester.

Cowley instructors record your online attendance each week for your online course(s). In order to be counted present in your course, you must log in and complete your instructor’s attendance requirements for the week. Individual instructors may have additional requirements before attendance requirements are satisfied. The week for attendance usually runs from 12:00 A.M. Sunday through 11:59 P.M. Saturday. Please check the individual course syllabus carefully for these requirements or check with your instructor. If these requirements are not satisfied, you will be counted absent for the week!

Most online courses do not require you to be online at a certain time. If the instructor requires you to be online at a certain time, it will be noted in the course syllabus.

Cowley students are required to complete the Blackboard Orientation course before having access to online and hybrid courses in Blackboard. The Blackboard Orientation is designed for quick completion—usually in less than an hour. Students who have completed the orientation once will not have to take it again for three years

Each online course has a specific instructor. You will communicate with the instructor through Cowley College Online interface with Blackboard. Click on the menu link labeled Cowley Email.

NO! Online courses are neither more difficult nor easier than face-to-face classes. Students will be expected to work just as hard. It’s important to note that a successful online student must be SELF-MOTIVATED and cannot PROCRASTINATE. You may be able to log into the class and complete the assignments at any time, but you still have deadlines.

Online students must be self-motivated and disciplined. Online courses require that you have good computer skills and have access to a computer with Internet service.

Students take online classes for a number of reasons.  Some of them may include:

  1. Convenience/Flexibility – The fact that you can access an online course anywhere and anytime is major factor to consider. A student can work on their course at 4 a.m. in their pajamas or halfway across the world!
  2. One-on-One Instruction – Unlike an on-campus course, the instructor is able to answer your questions individually without the interruption of other students.
  3. Students do not have to worry about commute costs when taking an online course.

Cowley College Online provides students with a flexible, convenient way to earn college credit without having to go to a Cowley College campus or center.

Questions about Getting Started

Online courses in general do not require special software. Many simply use an Internet browser (Google Chrome recommended); however, some courses may have special requirements. Go to Class Schedules and select the correct semester. From the drop down menu under “By Learning Mode”, select “Online”. Under the title of the course in bright red you will see software requirements for each course.

You must have access to a personal computer and have some basic knowledge of how to use it.
You must have an active Cowley e-mail account and reliable connection to the Internet for successful completion of online courses.

Unless otherwise notified, an online course is not available in Blackboard until the first day of class for that semester.

State Authorization

Cowley College, as a member of the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR), obtained exemption or authorization for all of our online programs in all 50 states and three additional territories. Cowley College desires to resolve student grievances, complaints and concerns in an expeditious, fair and amicable manner. Go to Distance Learning and State Authorization for more information.

Transfer Credits

No, your transcript will only list the course name and number and will not indicate if the class was taken as a traditional class or via online.

Because Cowley College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a member of the North Central Association, most OK and KS colleges and many online and campus colleges will accept Cowley College credits. Go to Transfer Credits for more information.

Tuition, Fees & Books

Please visit the Class Schedules. Select the correct semester. In the drop down menu under “By Distance Learning Mode”, select “Online”.

Under the title of the course in bright red you will see meeting times and possible software requirements for each course, anything in red are required.

Each course will also have specific textbook requirements for that class. Check with Cowley College Bookstore for information about your particular class.

Books and access codes for your online course(s) may be purchased online from www.cowleycollegebooks.com. You can also stop by the Cowley Bookstore in Arkansas City, KS, and at the Wichita Downtown Center in Wichita KS.

Get your books early so you will be ready to go when the classes start.

Online courses have a one price that includes tuition and fees. Go to tuition to view the current costs.


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